Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Big Swallow

Today was Catherine's last full day at work with me. Tomorrow, I will go by myself, and Brian will bring Catherine in for lunch, like we used to do when I was temping. I will miss having her and Brian there in one way, but in another, I am looking forward to having some uninterrupted work time. I have a lot to do tomorrow before rehearsals start on Friday. Having Catherine at work has been great, but I definitely don't get as much done with her there. I think everyone will miss her... everyone there has been really great about her being around. I love the flexibility that my job allows in that way.

Brian went to the doctor today - the gastroenterologist. (Did I spell that right?) They didn't find anything - big surprise. They did schedule him for some kind of procedure called a sigmoidoscopy or something like that in a couple of weeks, just to make sure.

Catherine is getting better at The Big Swallow. I think she will be walking by herself before we know it. She also is getting her top front teeth - I can feel them cutting through. I've been bitten a couple of times too...